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What Are Dynamic Characters And How Do They Influence A Story?

In a story, your imagination will have to work according to the character that is being talked about, and the better it is portrayed and describe, the better will it be understood and internalized by the reader.

Creating a dynamic character is more diverse, and challenging in all aspects as compared to a static one. When you try to create a dynamic character, here are a few features that you can successfully come up with a story to make it somehow more like realistic.

One to look into is the personality of the character, and look for the kind of core values that you want the character to possess and how you want the character to operate in the story. Another trait that will make your dynamic character is its flaws in its being, or putting a blemish of the character so as not to appear all too perfect, may it be a physical flaw, mental, or whatnot that would tarnish a perfect person.

You may want to add in the character his or her values and passions, what does he or she fears, like, the challenges and the daily want and need in life as well. One more thing to add is to create a persona that portrays or shows a passion for something, a personal interest or that is anything that can be an identifying factor of the character as to what he or she loves. It will even be more fun, if you will create in the dynamic character something that will make him or her uniques, like special habits, gestures, or perhaps a certain mark to distinguish him or her from the rest of the character.

A most effective dynamic character shows a change in the story and has a transition from one personality to another that will make it more exciting, in the likes of being naive to witty, being wicked to good, anything of the likes that gives it a twist.

This kind of work to create a dynamic character is actually hard, however, when you are able to consistently pull off the kind of story portrayed by the character you want to put in, you will be able to convince your readers what you want.

With the right skills, imagination and the right tools, it will not be hard to create the kind of person that you want the character to have, from all its aspects, personalities, attributes, and everything else that can make it an effective dynamic figure your readers will visualize and understand.

Learn everything that you can, make your dynamic character the kind that will relive in the minds of your readers and will cultivate the interest in them to read on to find out what transpires about the person at the end of the story.

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